The best successes are those you share with others.

I have managed teams with only a few members as a founding Managing Partner at York Technology Studio when it launched, to teams that had over 60 direct reports from 4 different time zones (OneWorld/AA Digital Assets Tracking Software Lead).  The team objectives, size, and professional diversity impacted approaches, but overall, my team management philosophy is driven by my profound respect for others and passionate commitment to customer service.  My goal is to always provide top tier experiences to customers and to make sure that my team feels even better about the interactions as the customers do.  

I am experienced in building functional teams and ad-hoc teams where my instinct consistently drives me to include cross-functional colleagues.  I am collaborative by nature and recognize the value that interactions between co-workers at all levels can drive both service and product innovations. Getting to know as many people as possible and what their objectives are really help in determining who the stakeholders are.  Including the right people is a crucial factor in success.

I also have experience managing challenging team members.  I understand that team management is a process that requires attention, empathy, and flexibility to stay productive.