Passionate. Innovative. Experienced.

Photo of Karen Stezowski 2021

“There is nothing more rewarding than being part of a great team.”

My philosophy

My goal is to always ‘over deliver’ for my clients, partners, and team. My strategy is to collaborate, research, analyze, explore and innovate to produce results. I take great pride in my work and the relationships I develop with peers, clients, and the communities I serve. I have experience managing innovation and building and training teams to use it.

The result is that I am open to new challenges where I can use my unique set of skills and experience to help my team succeed.

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About Me


From designing software training programs to creating National Geographic learning experiences for multiple age groups, course design and presenting have been a common theme in my career.

Business Experience

I have a diverse background with experience in traditional and emerging industries. I also have extensive experience managing volunteer projects and teams.

Team Building

I am naturally collaborative. I enjoy being part of a team that works together and succeeds. Making sure the team experience is as good as the client experience is very important to me.